Through the Telescope…Volume 18

“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.” Richard Bach, Illusions

We are rapidly approaching the two end of the year celebrations at each of our school sites.  The Hillpointe site will conduct a Spring Festival of The Arts on Thursday, May 17th from 4 to 8 PM and Mesa Vista will celebrate with a school carnival on Thursday, May 24th from 3 to 7 pm.  All families are invited to join us at both celebrations.  We are offering a special invitation to all newly registered families at both sites.

We are currently projecting a total enrollment of close to 350 students for the 2012-2013 school year.  We understand the importance of reviewing our progress this first year, drawing data from our students, families and staff as to how we can focus our vision and process to improve our program for next year.

First we are extending a survey to each of our families for them to review our efforts this year and to offer suggestions for improvement.  The Family-Student survey has gone home at both sites, and we are anxiously awaiting their returns so that we can summarize the data to help guide our planning.

Second, we have extended a survey to all staff collecting evaluations of our current progress, our curriculum, and our focus on making a difference in our students’ lives.  We are also anxiously awaiting the return of that data to assist us in our planning for next year.

THE MESA VISTA STAFF HELD AN ALL-SCHOOL ASSEMBLY TO INTRODUCE AN EXCITING SET OF SEMINAR EXPERIENCES SCHEDULED FOR THE LAST MONTH OF SCHOOL.  Teachers have selected special interest topics and students are also pitching in with instruction in Karate and Music.  The seminars include the following activities and instructors:

Karate – Eddie Halstead/Hailey Dougherty (student led)

Technology – Erika Selig and Jim Grimyser

Archeology – Bonnie McNeese

Music – Hannah Kirkby/Hannah McBrayer/Sara Miller (student led)

Science –  Lauren Ayala

Nutrition –Jessica Kritzler

Meditation –  Sundi Tiller

Dance –  Brittany Richey

School Improvement – Clark  Price

We have attached two flyers to the newsletter this week.  The first flyer describes buttons made from the student submitted art work to be considered for our mascot.  The students voted to make the mascot the Owl, and then submitted artwork to be considered for the official logo.  A parent took all of the art work along with the selected owl and made buttons.  The flyer describes the buttons or magnets and offers all of the proceeds to the schools minus the cost of producing them.  A display board has been created and it is moved between the schools a week at a time.  Families can see the buttons prior to ordering.  (Please contact the front office for a copy of this flyer)

DISCOVERY CHARTER SCHOOL OFFICE MANAGER, LISA BERNAUER IS WORKING WITH A GROUP OF STUDENTS FROM BOTH SITES ON A RECYCLING AWARENESS AND APPLICATION PROJECT.  She meets with each group weekly and they are in the process of developing on site recycling efforts at each school.  Lisa has organized a field trip to the Springs Preserve for the students in her project on Wednesday, May 9th.  Students involved in the project are:

Mesa Vista:

Tami Rojo

Louie Lohrey

Lilly McBrayer

Isabella Pichon


Jackson Smith

Kaiya Kakita

Brinley Peterson

Thomas Smith

Courtney Funk

Dominick Smith

Brian Cooley

Kassie Antanopolous