Through the Telescope…Volume 11

“The gap between vision and current reality is also a source of energy. If there were no gap, there would be no need for any action to move towards the vision. We call this gap creative tension.”  —Peter Senge

THE STUDENT COUNCILS ON BOTH CAMPUSES have been conducting voting on the selection of school colors and a school mascot.  The final votes have selected Silver, Blue and Black as the school colors and the owl as the school mascot.   A contest is currently underway to have students submit drawings of owls to be considered for the official mascot.

PIZZA LUNCH DAYS are also being scheduled for each campus with the Mesa Vista student council offering these special days already.  The Hillpointe student council visited a local pizza shop, Beach Pizza, and they will begin to offer Pizza and water for lunch next week.  The Pizza orders and money will be collected in the office on Wednesday each week and the Pizza’s will be delivered on Thursdays with a bottle of water for lunch.  The cost of the pizza will be $3.50 at Hillpointe and $3.00 at Mesa Vista.

ENROLLMENTS FOR THE COMING SCHOOL YEAR AT BOTH CAMPUSES CONTINUE TO GROW with Hillpointe, already 20 students over our current enrollments.  We have space to grow 40 to 50 students at Mesa Vista and 80 to 90 students at Hillpointe.   We have negotiated with Gary Vause at Little Scholar Day Care for up to 4 additional classrooms for Hillpointe.  We will keep all classes at a 1-22 teacher pupil ratio or less as our project based curriculum is based on smaller class sizes.  We continue to focus on word of mouth as our primary marketing tool, and we are receiving steady interest and school visits.  As we reach our projected full status at each site we will begin to establish waiting lists for the coming school year.

THE FEBRUARY MEETING OF THE DISCOVERY CHARTER SCHOOL GOVERNING BOARD IS SCHEDULED FOR Tuesday, February 21st at 6:00 PM at the Hillpointe campus.  The agenda for the meeting is posted on the front door at both sites.  Two weeks ago, the Governing Board and school administration personnel were involved in a board training session to bring them up to date on responsibilities and procedures for successful operation of a charter school.

WE NEED FAMILIES TO JOIN US AT SCHOOL ON BOTH CAMPUSES THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 27TH THROUGH MARCH 1ST as we celebrate Nevada Reading Week.  We would like to spend a major part of our school days reading, and we are asking as many family members as possible sign up to come and read to us.  We also would like to have you spend time listening to us read.  Please contact your classroom advisor or the office if you can help us celebrate the great gift of LITERACY!

THE LIST OF VOLUNTEERS AND SUPPORT FOR THE DISCOVERY CHARTER SCHOOL CONTINUES TO GROW EACH DAY.  We are fortunate to have dozens and dozens of family members and friends who pitch in with support every week.  We have classroom volunteers, playground volunteers, and people who help with cleaning and maintenance projects. We appreciate the help we receive and we are thankful for all of the assistance that allows us to ensure that we are a safe and nurturing learning environment.

WE APPRECIATE THE LARGE NUMBER OF FAMILIES WHO START EACH DAY WITH US AT OUR FLAG CEREMONIES AT EACH CAMPUS. We gather outside each morning to honor our nation with the pledge of allegiance, and we follow with a period of silent reflection as we begin our day of learning.  The ceremony gives us a good chance to cover special events for the day and coming events for the remainder of the week.  We introduce special guests for the day and give our advisors and student council members a chance to share special events.  The large number of parents who start the day with us supports the “LEARNING FAMILY” concept that we are trying so hard to create in the Discovey Charter School.  We thank the family members who take time from their own busy days to be a part of our opening program.