Through the Telescope…Vol. 22

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  —John Quincy Adams

We have completed two weeks of Project-Based learning focusing on implementation of the shared responsibility of advisors, students and families as a learning team.  Families, students, and all Discovery Charter School employees need to take a close look at their daily learning tasks, and ask themselves how is learning here different than what they have experienced in the past.  This question is not only important to those new to the Discovery Charter School learning team, but just as important to those who set out on this innovative educational journey last year.  As we define this learning team concept and the roles of each student, each family member and each school advisor, we are working hard to define a new world of targeted learning, guided by student interest.  We are committed to the basic learning skills of reading, writing, calculating and thinking, and we understand that mastery of these skills is the key to project-based learning.  We are asking that each family work with the school advisors to define the current learning levels of their students and to review the leveled learning objectives in each subject area.  We are asking our advisors to work closely with those leveled learning checklists and to team with families and students to use those checklists to guide the development of mastery learning skills.  Advisor, family, and student sharing of those checklists are a key tool in the Discovery Charter School learning model.  We need to breathe life into this tool.


Dr. Price

Leveled Learning checklists can be located under the Resources tab at

Shop for Schools

Please save your Fresh and Easy receipts from September 12th through December 31st to earn Dollars for Discovery!!   Every $20 spent earns us $1.  We will also have a Discovery Shop Night on October 17th at the Lake Mead/Del Webb location.  We are looking for student and parent volunteers to help. Please contact Mrs. Story for more details at .

Miss Lisa’s Corner

Please stop by the office at either campus to fill out the Family Economic Data Survey if you haven’t done so.  Discovery may be eligible for federal funds and these surveys are required.

Discovery Sports

Discovery Charter has partnered with The Las Vegas Athletic Department to bring sports to students.  We need volunteers to coach!  If you have soccer, baseball, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball or football experience and can commit some afternoons and Saturdays please contact Mrs. Story at . The season will start September 29th.

Meet Miss Rivera-Elementary Advisor at Mesa Vista

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. During my collegiate years at UNLV, I was an active member in my sorority Sigma Kappa where I served as President for a year. I’ve always had a passion for the arts and attended high school at Las Vegas Academy where I studied theatre. Prior to teaching, I taught dance for three years at the Pointe Dance Center. Some of my hobbies include: singing, dancing, crafting and traveling. I hope to travel outside of the country in the coming year! Since I was a young child I’ve always enjoyed playing the role of “teacher” and now I am living my dream! Having the opportunity to be in the classroom and guide students to reach their full potential has been such a fulfilling experience and it has only begun!

Meet Miss Frazier-Elementary Advisor at Hillpointe

I have four sisters and a brother, while growing up my dad was in the Army so we moved around a lot.  I attended Montana State University in Billings, Montana where I majored in Music Education, Elementary Education and Vocal Performance.  I’ve performed in two operas and placed 2nd at the State level in vocal competitions. I graduated in 2006 and moved to Las Vegas to complete my student teaching. This is my 6th year teaching and I have taught 1st, 4th, 5th as well as an Intermediate MCS. My passions are traveling, photography, singing, crafts, the outdoors and working with children.  An interesting fact about me is that I went to Disneyland for the first time when I was 25!

Technology Update

We had an exciting summer at Discovery Charter School. Our staff was hard at work over the summer researching opportunities to empower and extend our students as they continue along their educational objectives. As students and staff utilize the technology please engage in conversation about the many opportunities that are developing.

One of the most exciting tools that we purchased is an interactive projector system. The interactive projector is able to be displayed and interacted with on many surfaces including walls, floors, and table tops. Each projector comes with two interactive pens that enable students to have a dual use interacting with each other and the technology. Many SMART technologies and SED technologies are also compatible with these programs.

Laptops have also arrived for our classrooms. In the upper grades we’ve been able to achieve a 2:1 ratio for technology.  Not only are students able to engage with the technology, but they are also able to engage with different platforms such as chrome books, netbooks, and laptops. Having diversification allows for a varied skill set, as well as promoting technological literacy.


Seminars have begun and are in full swing.  Be sure to ask your student what seminar they are in.  We have many talented advisors that are sharing their knowledge with the students.  Seminars offered this time around are; quilting, Swedish, yoga, public speaking, Olympic Games, paleontology, movie making, To Kill a Mockingbird, science, art, musical theater, and sign language to music.  Parents will be encouraged to help lead seminars in the future, so start dusting off those skills now!!