Technology in the Classroom

Technology is becoming an integral part of our daily lives, including our students’ education. As part of the instructional program at DCS, K-8 students are using i-Ready and K-1 students are using Reading Eggs. Some teachers are also using Google Classroom. Students in Grades K-3 will take the MAP assessment, students in Grades 3-8 will take the SBAC assessment, and students in Grades 4-7 will take the ACT Aspire assessment. All of these assessments are administered online.

Due to the increase in technology and the need for students to become responsible users and consumers of technology, we have created an Acceptable Use Policy and all students will be given a DCS-managed Google account. Students will use this account to access Google Classroom and other online instructional tools. We are asking all families to review the policy with their child(ren).

In addition to the Acceptable Use Policy, we use Nevada’s Code of Honor and Educational Involvement Accord. These documents are mandated by the State of Nevada. Additional information regarding the Code of Honor and Educational Involvement Accord can be found by visiting:

Acceptable Use Policy

Personal Technology Letter

Code of Honor

Education Involvement Accord