Question This and Question That…

“Question this and question that and ask and ask and ask,
Your questions are your answers as you meet each learning task.”

Seven days in and our families flood us with ideas, learning support and questions as to what they can do to help.   Here is a beginning list:

  • We are forming a 501C-3 foundation to target funds, grants and finances to support our project based learning. Call our offices for phone numbers and names of people who can guide you in supporting our projects.
  • We need to form parent support groups at each site.
  • We have many, many computers at each site and we need wiring and set -up skills to bring them on line for our students.
  • We are seeking affordable weekly cleaning support to supplement our students and staff who take a great deal of responsibility for cleaning.
  • We are looking to provide stalls for our restrooms, and we need assistance with the construction.
  • We can use assistance answering phones and assisting with office clerical duties.
  • We need music, dance, art, and creative volunteers for our classrooms.
  • We need our families to meet together to organize special Friday family activities and project experiences.
  • We need parents to assist us in working with individual students to assist us in realizing our vision of truly individualizing learning opportunities for our students.
  • We need families to be available for special presentations and sharing of expertise that helps them in their work and pastimes.
  • We need families to share their vision and needs for the education of their children so that we can weave those visions effectively with ours.
  • We need families to continue to believe in us and to be comfortable sharing the task of educating children.

Please contact our office staff at either site, or feel free to call or meet with any of our teachers and administrative staff. We are available before school, after school, and of course on Fridays to meet with you and share ideas.

Dr. Dave Price, Director of Education