Our Mission

Discovery Charter School’s mission is to promote a safe, nurturing environment which fosters student success through community involvement, progressive educational practices, and innovative use of technology.

Our Goals

Goal #1:

It is the intent of Discovery Charter School to improve the opportunities for students to learn. The strategies that will be implemented are:

  1. Flexible groupings in core academic subjects
  2. Multiage classrooms
  3. Project-based learning

Goal #2:

Create opportunities for community involvement and interaction for students. Discovery Charter School will provide students with opportunities for students to become involved with the school community and the greater community at large. The school will do this by:

  1. Encouraging classrooms to focus on one community project each school year
  2. Providing opportunities for families to become involved in programs going on at the school
  3. Allowing frequent interactions between younger and older students while working towards a common community goal

Goal #3:

Develop an emotionally safe environment where students’ unique differences are appreciated. This will be created through:

  1. Small classrooms averaging around 20 students for every teacher
  2. Keeping students with the same teacher for consecutive school years

Goal #4:

Develop the ability to use technology as a tool for creation, information, and learning. This goal will be realized through:

  1. Daily use of technology while completing projects
  2. Integrating technology into core academic subjects
  3. Develop a technology infrastructure

Our School

Discovery Charter School is a State of Nevada, Charter School Authority sponsored tuition free public charter school (not affiliated with CCSD).

Discovery Charter School promotes a Learning Team concept that involves students, teachers, and families. It is centered on our students by encouraging creativity and providing a variety of learning spaces. It is a SAFE place for your children. We strive to make our school reflect a commitment to high academic standards. It is a source of pride for our students, families, and our staff.

Our Students

Students demonstrate pride, ownership, and protectiveness of all school personnel, facilities and learning experiences. Student ownership of learning creates more responsible students and authentic acquisition of knowledge. Visitors to Discovery Charter School will immediately sense the open, friendly and adult manner in which students interact with each other, their teachers, their families and the community. Eager learners define the school personality and the fine arts of reading, writing, calculating, communicating, creating, and thinking are highly valued. Our students are critical thinkers, decision-makers, problem-solvers, and goal-oriented. They learn to self-manage their time, learning, and their finished products. They learn to master basic skills. They understand the importance of asking questions, and the value of teaming with teachers and family members to promote learning. Our students take pride in their quality work. They communicate effectively with peers and adults. Our students are caring, responsible, appreciative, positive, and enthusiastic. They feel safe at their school, and feel an obligation to improve the world around them.

Our Teachers

Discovery Charter School teachers see their primary roles as being learning facilitators and modeling life-long learning. They are idealists dedicated to changing lives one student at a time by facilitating student creation of individualized learning and personal growth goals. Trusting relationships and effective communication with students and their families are the foundation of Discovery Charter School.

Discovery Charter School teachers facilitate learning by guiding the pursuit of knowledge by designing individualized learning plans closely aligned with curriculum guidelines, benchmarks, and standards. They set the example by modeling a constant drive to learn. Our teachers are expected to manage their students through the development of trusting relationships, successfully creating Learning Teams with students and their students’ families. They identify and praise success, encouraging high academic standards. They understand the developmental levels of human brain growth. Our teachers make a positive difference with each student every day.