NEW Friday Learning Opportunity – Mojave Family Experience

Beginning Friday November 18, 2011 and running for 4 weeks (not counting Autumn break) Mojave Family Experience is offering a fee based program that takes kids outside to learn about their desert home.  Classes will be held at Hillpointe from 9:30-11:30am and at Mesa Vista from 12:30-2:30pm.  Lessons will include the six S’s of Desert Survival, Map & Compass skills, Rain Shadow, Biodiversity, Plants & Animals of the Mojave and much more.  Mr. Frank will be at the Hillpointe Campus on Monday 10/31/11 and at the Mesa Vista Campus on Tuesday 11/1/11 to answer questions and take enrollment.  The cost of the classes is $40.00 and are suitable for students aged 8 and above.  A minimum of 12 enrolled students is needed to make the class a go.  For more information please visit to see if this might be something you want to incorporate into your family learning day.