Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes September 13, 2012

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2012

Old Business

  1. Shannon Beckham provided examples of student recognition gifts. Recognition will begin on Monday September 17th.
  2. Kassandra Berger presented tentative dates for the Halloween Costume Exchange.  Oct 1-15th for collection, Oct 16th-22nd for exchange. Oct 23rd-31st any remainder costumes can be purchased for a minimal fee.  Kassandra is asking for donations of clothing hangers and rolling garment racks.

New Business

  1. Discussion regarding appropriate age to begin independent project research.
  2. Parents will present any websites/resources that can be used in research.  These will be posted on
  3. Kassandra Berger presented a cause called “Stand for the Silent” that centers around bully prevention and education.
  4. Discussion of sports league, we need volunteers to coach teams.  Deadline for teams is Friday September 21st. Season begins September 29th.
  5. Carol Hutchison presented an opportunity to volunteer at the Destinations Community Center.