Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes January 31, 2013

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2013

Old Business

  1. Further discussion regarding parent involvement.  Idea presented for after school meetings.  Evening meetings for parents should be based on a topic with a presentation involved.
  2. Hot lunch will continue for February.
  3. Report cards were sent home this week. Parents were pleased with the format that includes both grades and narrative.
  4. Lock down drill occurred this week.  Drills will be scheduled periodically.
  5. DCS Foundation (501c3) meeting will take place Friday February 1st at 2pm at Mesa Vista campus.  This is an open meeting and families are encouraged to attend.
  6. Leadership students did not get the opportunity to meet this week.
  7. Advisor Updates-Advisors continue to encourage parents to check their websites regularly for updates.

New Business

  1. Discussion regarding an aide for Miss Kritzler’s class.  Parents have been volunteering in her class and it will be determined by Miss K if an aide is needed.
  2. Costume list will become available to We are Monsters performers next week.