Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes January 14, 2016

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2016

Old Business
1. Art Gala set up will begin at 8:00am and we will need volunteers to help. An email will be sent home to families with a link on how to volunteer.
2. January 14, 2016 is the last day of the first semester. Report cards will be sent home the week of the 25th. Students in grades 4-8 that took the SBAC test last year will receive test results as well. Any questions regarding the results can be emailed to Mr. Price.
3. Students were informed of their class options on January 29th. They will get to choose what classes they would like to take part in and will be placed based on selection and availability. Several field trips are scheduled for the afternoon block.
New Business
1. Skate night is scheduled for tonight.
2. Engineering for Kids will begin their program on February 5th at 11:30am. Cost is $110 per student participating and will last 5 weeks.
3. Tanya Nechodom will have a meeting at 10am this Friday the 15th for students interested in doing photography for the art gala.