Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes February 27, 2014

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2014

Old Business

  1. Leadership cleaned up the yard and hopes to develop a plan that helps keep the yard clean.  Planning for the middle school dance continues.

New Business

  1. Discussion with parents on the possibility of moving current Mesa Vista families to Oasis campus and bringing in wait listed families to Mesa location.  Feedback from parents is that we lose our playground area and grass/garden area.  We would be associated with a church and that may turn people away from our program.
  2. Bubble Run is a fundraiser for DCS and takes place March 29th in downtown Las Vegas.  $5 goes back to the school from every registration using the coupon code Discoverybubbles.
  3. Line ads for the Most Epic Birthday Party Musical program are available for purchase.  This is a way to shout out your student, advertise a business..etc.