Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes August 27, 2015

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2015
1. Mr. Price discussed the purpose of the parent voice meeting which is a forum to discuss global issues, school wide events and activities. Individual issues should be dealt with on an individual basis with the individual(s) involved.
2. Question about alternatives to the congestion of line up in the morning and soccer going on at the same time. What is the safest and most effective way to line up will be discussed during our Friday staff meeting
3. Question about where students can eat inside during the lunch hour. Specific classroom will be identified and communicated.
4. Symbolic Arts currently offers our before and after care at the Hillpointe campus, they are willing to create a program here if there is enough demand. We will have an interest list forming in the front office. At this time, Mrs. Pichon has volunteered to arrive at 7:30am to watch students that have arrived early on the playground.
5. In a couple of weeks our music program will begin at the Mesa campus. More information will be available in the coming week.
6. The 2015-16 calendar includes 5 Fridays. These are mandatory attendance days. These Fridays are for large scale project presentations, field trips..etc.
7. We will not have a tech class this year, we will have technology integrated into the daily curriculum and will develop a list of standard skills that each student should have at each grade level.
8. The art class was added to allow for smaller class sizes during the core classes. Seminars in art will be offered as well.
Seminars, classes showcasing a teacher or parents passion, will begin next week. Parents that are willing to volunteer three weeks of their time to teach a seminar are encouraged t