Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes September 4, 2013

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2013

Old Business

  1. Positive feedback from parents and students about new tech program.
  2. Grab and Go cart discussed.  Still need an additional parent volunteer.
  3. The date for school pictures is now September 30th.

New Business

  1. Seminar Choices will be sent home for review and discussion with students.  Discussion regarding parent opportunities to teach seminars.
  2. Discussion about whether to hold meeting weekly or biweekly. Conclusion is that weekly afternoon meetings are preferred.
  3. Discussion regarding easy ways to earn money for Discovery through doing what you are already doing.  Emails will be sent detailing these opportunities.
  4. Discussion regarding leadership.  Mr. Price will be working with a few students to develop a weekly news program.