Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes February 6, 2013

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2013

Old Business

  1. Art Gala-Discussed the auction/buy it now process.
  2. 501c3- Lisa Bernauer and Angie Story were added to the board.   Next meeting will occur March 1st at 2pm at the Mesa Vista campus.
  3. Leadership would like a CPR class scheduled.  Working on ideas to create a mural.
  4. Discussion about Title 1 and funds DCS will receive to have tutoring afterschool and/or on Fridays.
  5. Advisor updates-Advisors have wish lists on their websites.

New Business

  1. Discussion about “Story Starter” Lego education program.
  2. Discussion about educating our students based on global standards vs. state core curriculum standards.  Mr. Puente has volunteered to gather information and present at a Friday advisor meeting his findings.
  3. Re-Enrollment has ended and new student enrollment began on February 4th.  Majority of current students have re-enrolled leaving approximately 30 open spaces.
  4. Discussion about advisors returning in the new school year.