Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes August 26, 2015

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2015

1. Mr. Price discussed that the purpose of the parent voice meetings are to address global events, concerns etc. Individual issues and concerns must be dealt with the individual involved during a different time.
2. Discussion about the music program and the opportunity for student s to participate in an art program on Fridays.
3. Parent question about students volunteering at our school to complete their Eagle Scout projects. We always welcome this opportunity.
4. Sports opportunities for students will begin soon. Question about flag football and when that will begin and who will coaching it. The coaches are scheduled to attend a coaches meeting this Saturday and will have much more information next week.
5. Question about whether or not tech will be an additional class. This year we have decided to add tech into the daily instruction.
6. Girl Scout meetings will begin in September on Wednesdays for grades 2-5.
7. Please remember that we will have 5 Fridays of mandatory attendance this year. These Fridays are meant to showcase large scale projects, cross campus events etc.
8. Parent presentation of Civil Air Patrol group open to students ages 12-19. Flyers are in the office.