Combining Project, Inquiry, and Experience-Based Teaching Methodology

Total LearningTotal learning is a blended teaching method that engages students in acquiring knowledge and skills through an extended inquiry and experience-based process. Learning is structured around authentic questions, carefully designed projects, and targeted learning experiences. Teachers, students, and families are fully involved in planning and implementing learning experiences.

Total Learning:

  • Blends the processes of thinking, developing skills and gaining knowledge allowing students to understand, know, and do
  • Supports students in learning and practicing skills in problem-solving, communication, and self-management
  • Integrates curriculum areas, thematic instruction, and community issues
  • Assesses performance on content and skills using criteria similar to those in the work world, thus encouraging accountability, goal setting, and improved performance
  • Meets the needs of learners with varying skill levels and learning styles
  • Targets individual interests to engage and motivate bored or indifferent students
  • Highlights the Learning Team Concept focusing on the synergistic power of teachers, students and families working together
  • Targets individualized learning plans closely aligned with curriculum guidelines, benchmarks, and standards

Family/School Learning PartnershipFamily Involvement

  • Our students attend school four extended-learning days each week, Monday through Thursday
  • Fridays are independent student and family home learning days
  • Fridays are teacher training, planning, and team-building days
  • We believe that the school, family, and student learning team is the key to successful schools
  • We believe that every student should be home-schooled…part of the time

Student and Family Responsibilities

  • All life experiences in and out of school are learning opportunities
  • Student learning must be high priority and valued by family members
  • Family members model life-long learning
  • Fridays are targeted for family learning experiences
  • Family learning experiences can be scheduled throughout the week and documented in family learning journals
  • Shared reading, writing, and family field trips are key learning experiences
  • Shared shopping, trip planning, budgeting, managing money are solid family math projects
  • All students have “homework”- real life problem-solving and learning experiences
  • Drill in basic skills- spelling, vocabulary, math facts, writing mechanics, and finding information are all great family learning projects
  • Homework should be targeted to learning experiences determined by student and family interests