Through the Telescope…Vol. 21

Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”    —Harold R. McAlindon

Welcome to all Discovery Charter School families and their students!  You have chosen an exciting and unique learning partnership that is a major product of family choice in educational opportunities for their students.  Twenty-First century educational opportunity is providing more and more options, both public and private for families.  The Discovery Charter School is one of those options.

The Discovery Charter School, in its second year, has doubled in enrollment, and is ready to more clearly define the family-student-school shared challenge of partnership learning.  We have worked hard to identify and hire additional educators to assist us in breathing real life experiences into the learning process we are calling Project-Based Learning.  The strength of Project Based Learning lies in the interest and questions of students, shared and encouraged by families, and guided professionally by the insightful and confident teachers.  We all need each other to make this work.

We understand the importance of developing strong reading, calculating, writing and thinking skills in each student as we prepare families and students to aggressively pursue the areas and questions that they are most excited to use to guide their learning.

So much, this is your family’s school!  Please use it totally! Please be a daily part of your student’s learning! Please take hands with the Discovery Charter School staff and be active partners as we define and create family-centered, student-targeted, project based learning experiences.

Sincerely,   Dr. Price

Meet the Advisors & Support Staff

The new school year is upon us; we welcome back many familiar faces as well as present a few new ones.

Hillpointe Campus                               Admin/Support @ Both Locations   

Mrs. Childs Kindergarten                          Dr. Price Director of Educational Services

Mrs. Takemoto Teaching Asst.                 Mr. Price  Site Administrator

Mrs. Meier  Elem. Advisor                        Miss Lisa Office Manager

Ms. Laman  Elem. Advisor                        Mrs. Diasparra Finance Officer

Ms. Frazier  Elem. Advisor                        Miss Gwenna  FASA

Mrs. McNeese Elem. Advisor                    Mrs. Parshall FASA

Mr. Anderson Elem Advisor                      Mrs. Story Parent/Student/Community Liaison

Mrs. Suhr M.S.   Advisor                             Ms. Tiller Instructional Aide

Mr. Bernstein Elem. Advisor/Sped          Mr. Takemoto PE/Health

Mrs.Darden Student Teacher

Mesa Vista Campus

Ms. Kritzler Kindergarten

Ms. Rubino Teaching Assistant

Ms. Ayala Elementary Advisor

Ms. Rivera Elementary Advisor

Mrs. Hall  Elementary Advisor

Ms. Selig  Elementary Advisor

Mr. Grimyser Elementary/Middle School Advisor

Mrs. Tolman   Middle School Advisor

Ms. Ajuziem   SPED

Miss Lisa’s Corner      

If you have not filled out the supplemental health card for your student or the Family Economic Data survey, please visit either the Mesa Vista or Hillpointe office to do so.

Weekly Informational Meetings

Parents and Guardians please join us for the weekly information meeting.  Your voice is valued and this is your opportunity to share your thoughts and address any concerns. Meetings will take place every Wednesday at 8:20 am at the Hillpointe campus and every Thursday at 8:20 am at the Mesa Vista campus. Meeting minutes are posted at .

Volunteer Opportunities

Advisors love helpers! If you would like to schedule time to volunteer in your child’s classroom please contact Mrs. Story.

Box Tops and Labels for Education

Feel free to send in any Box Tops and Labels for Education you have saved over the summer with your student.  These programs help with supplies needed for the school and additional program funding.

Mark Your Calendars….

Monday September 3                Labor Day- No School

Wednesday September 19        Lango Spanish begins at Hillpointe Campus

Thursday September 20           Lango Mandarin begins at Hillpointe Campus

Thursday September 20           Count Day!! Please arrive at school on time!!

Tuesday October 16                   Skate Night for Hillpointe Campus 6:30-9:30pm

Wednesday October 17             Skate Night for Mesa Vista Campus 3:30-6:30pm

Wednesday October 17             Picture Day at both Hillpointe and Mesa Vista

Monday October 22                   Hillpointe Scholastic book fair

Monday October 29                  Mesa Vista Scholastic book fair begins

Wednesdays                               Hillpointe Parent Meetings

Thursdays                                   Mesa Vista Parent Meetings