Through the Telescope…Vol. 33

“Much education today is monumentally ineffective.  All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants.”   –John W. Gardner

The ongoing research on the critical role that family involvement plays in the success of student achievement in school continues to provide a powerful incentive for the Discovery Charter School to create and define that blended partnership model. As a charter school we have the opportunity to move well beyond parent information sharing, and parent support training sessions. We have the opportunity to use our four extended day school week to focus on the delivery of a project based problem solving curriculum where we stress developing the communication skills. Writing, speaking, reading and thinking combined with understanding and mastery of the understanding of numbers form the foundation for our project exploration. The extra day each week that we share with families allows them the opportunity to be involved in family learning projects at home, in family groups or at school. That day provides an excellent opportunity for exciting extended learning partnerships between the school and families. Many advisors and families team in special projects to fill the classrooms with excitement and unique learning. Advisors also schedule this time to provide small group support for skill reinforcement.

Welcome to Blended Instruction, Hybrid Learning, Whole schooling, or whatever definition we choose to use define the Discovery Charter School/Family/Student Partnership Team, but we definitely have the opportunity to take that partnership to a new and more effective learning model which is exactly what the Charter School Movement is intended to accomplish.
Family/School Learning Partnership
• Our students attend school four extended-learning days each week, Monday-Thursday.
• Fridays are independent student and family home learning days
• Fridays are teacher training, planning, and team-building days
• We believe that the school, family, and student learning team is the key to successful schools
• We believe that every student should be home-schooled…Part of the time.
• We believe that our school/family/student learning team provides a powerful Blended Instruction Model that truly opens student’s lives to mastery of effective learning skills and a value of their individual learning goals.

Total Learning: Student and Family Responsibilities
• All life experiences in and out of school are learning opportunities
• Student learning must be high priority and valued by family members
• Family members model life-long learning
• Fridays are targeted for family learning experiences
• Family learning experiences can be scheduled throughout the week and documented in family learning journals
• Shared reading, writing, and family field trips are key learning experiences
• Shared shopping, trip planning, budgeting, managing money are solid family math projects
• All students have “homework”- real life problem-solving and learning experiences
• Drill in basic skills- spelling, vocabulary, math facts, writing mechanics, and finding information are all great family learning projects
• Homework should be targeted to learning experiences determined by student and family interests
• Friday’s provide many opportunities for families to team with the school for extended learning partnership opportunities.
• Families are encouraged to take the lead in organizing and planning Friday use of school facilities.
~Dr. Price

Spring Carnival
Thank you to all the families that donated items and their time for the spring carnival. The students had a blast and it was great to see students from both campuses all in one spot!!
A big thank you to Mrs. Meier, Miss Frazier, Mrs. Tolman and Miss Rivera for creating spectacular talent shows. The kids were well prepared for their performance and all shined on stage! DVD copies of the talent shows are available for $5 each.
Intent to Return/ Letters of Acceptance have been emailed to families. Please be sure to email or return with your student. This will help us finalize our student count. Please inform the front office if you will not be returning.

That’s a wrap……
Another school year has come to a close, we have done everything this year from spectacular projects to amazing musicals! We have even more planned for the upcoming school year. Discovery’s teachers and staff hope you have a safe and adventurous summer, we look forward to seeing our families again in the fall.