Through the Telescope…Vol. 26

“When people see you’re happy doing what you’re doing, it sort of takes the power away from them to tease you about it.” Wendy Mass


Schools all across America are focusing on solving problems that stem from teasing, bullying, and a basic disrespect for others’ feelings.  Television news, special television programing, daily newspaper articles, and feature programs sponsored by a variety of political and social groups all offer information, training and ongoing solutions to the problems.

The Discovery Charter School takes a strong stand against teasing, lack of respect for others, and bullying.  Microsoft’s on-line dictionary, Encarta, defines bullying as “the process of intimidating or mistreating somebody weaker or in a more vulnerable situation.” As we deal with students, families and our own staff, we include all forms of disrespect as unacceptable whatever our role.  We fully understand that disrespectful words can hurt as much and sometimes more than hurtful physical actions. We monitor our school interactions closely, and we intervene as positive role models when we see disrespect, teasing, and physical hurting or intimidation.  We refer to our teachers as advisors and daily they meet with their students in an advisor capacity.  In class circles, discussions, and problem-solving meetings, they deal with student concerns and experiences that have placed them or their classmates in situations where they have been disrespected, teased, or when bullying was taking place.  Student and family conferences are scheduled as needed to deal with specific concerns and events.

Our Family Handbook features our commitment to show respect to ourselves, others, and our environment.   We take pride in this commitment as the Discovery Charter School takes responsibility for our actions and promotes the safety of all in our community.  Please take the time in your family discussions and meetings to talk about disrespectful interactions, teasing, verbal and physical bullying, and how we can all ensure that each one of us is safe in our thinking, learning and feeling.   Together we can make the Discovery Charter School a safe environment for all of us.  As we team together as staff, students, and families we are a powerful force in providing dignity and safety for all.  –Dr.Price

Heritage Potluck Feast   Explore the flavors of the world and try something new! December 20th 1:00-3:00pm @ the Hillpointe Campus

This pot luck style affair will represent all cultures of the world.  Please bring a dish to share and enjoy a multi-cultural feast with your student.  Volunteers are needed to help with serving.  Please email Angie Story at if you would like to help.

Music and Art is all around us

Creativity through music and art help children flourish in all subject areas.  Seminars and Friday Learning provide many opportunities for students to showcase their artistic skills and explore their musical talents.  Opportunities such as musical theater, dance, caroling, watercolor painting, holiday arts and crafts, and guitar are just the beginning of activities to come.  If you have a talent in any subject area that you would love to share, please contact Angie Story at .

Parent Voice

Advisor evaluations will occur before the holiday break.  Advisors will be asking parents and students to provide feedback on their effectiveness in the classroom.  This feedback is an excellent tool used during their evaluations and provides an excellent opportunity to share your parent voice.

Fresh and Easy Receipts

Please turn in all of your Fresh & Easy receipts to the front office by December 20th.  Every $20 spent earns Discovery $1.  These funds are used to supplement activities and purchase needed items for the school.

Miss Lisa’s Corner

In January, re-registration will begin for the 2013-2014 school year.  Returning students must turn in paper work to guarantee their spot for the new school year.

DCS Community Involvement

Community involvement is part of what makes DCS amazing.  This month, Mrs. Suhr’s advisory is collecting non-perishable food items for the Three Square Food Bank.  All classrooms have a collection box for donations.  Three Square helps provide meals for needy families throughout the valley, over 40% of their recipients are children!

Students at both the Mesa Vista and Hillpointe campus have been learning holiday carols and will be spreading their cheer to the folks at the Atria assisted living communities.  Future visits are scheduled, so that the students may participate in games, crafts and other activities with the residents.

In the News…DISCOVERY CHARTER SCHOOL received a visit from Beth Fisher of Channel 13 News last week all because Cynthia Oyarce and Nicholas Kaehler were inspired by a story that aired on Channel 13 about recycling. Cynthia and Nicholas reached out to channel 13 for help in creating a recycling program for Discovery. This turned into a visit from Danielle Basson of Simple Environmental Services Group and a detailed plan for recycling. From there Cynthia and Nicholas placed labeled recycling bins in each classroom and inspired their fellow students to make a difference and recycle!

Discovery Art Gala

Students will be creating a piece of artwork to be displayed and then auctioned off at the Discovery Art Gala.  The event will take place at the Emergency Arts Building on Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at 1:00pm. Volunteers are needed to help make this gala a success, please email Angie Story at if you would like to help.

We’ve Got Spirit….How ‘bout you??   DCS Spirit Week Dec 17-20th

DCS will be closed for winter break December 23rd through January 4th. Classes will resume Monday, January 7th.   We wish all of our DCS Families a safe and happy holiday season!

Discovery Charter School Night with the Rebels

Saturday January 5th at 7:00pm.  Tickets are just $15 for Discovery families and friends. Order online at .  Please use promo code: Discovery to receive discount.

Mark Your Calendars

Nov 26-Dec 20.  Three Square Food Drive

Dec 10.                McNeese/Anderson visit Atria Community

Dec 11.                Mesa Vista visits Atria Community

Dec 15.                Barnes & Noble In Store Book Fair

Dec 17-20.          Spirit Week

Dec 18.                Hillpointe Winter Event

Dec 19.                Skate night for Mesa Vista

Dec 20.                Last day to turn in Fresh & Easy receipts

Dec 20.                Mesa Vista visits Atria

Dec 20.                Heritage Feast at Hillpointe

Dec 23-Jan 4.     Winter Break-No School

Jan 5.                   Discovery Night with Running Rebels

Jan 7.                   Classes Resume

Mondays            Lango at Mesa Vista

Wednesdays      Hillpointe Parent Meetings

Wednesdays      Lango at Hillpointe

Thursdays          Mesa Vista Parent Meetings

A huge THANK YOU to all the families that helped with the Multi-Cultural Feast! The students had a great time!

Current Events, meeting minutes, forms, and contact information can be found on the DCS website at