Through the Telescope…Vol. 25

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read” –Mark Twain

The Gift of Literacy…by Dr. Price

TEACHING, LEARNING, and MAKING A DIFFERENCE are the heart and soul what we do every second of every day here at school. We hear many debates about education these days and there are many opinions about how schools should teach to be successful. Our staff believes in the importance of the basic skills of reading, writing, communicating and calculating, and we know that different students develop at different paces and that they learn in a variety of ways. We believe that if children can learn to read and comprehend as early in school as possible that their chances for school success and their basic love of learning will be greatly enhanced. We believe that FAMILIES, SCHOOLS, AND THE COMMUNITY MUST JOIN TOGETHER AS PARTNERS, to ensure that children are safe and secure, because if they are not, they cannot learn. We know that students must practice, practice, practice on their reading, writing, and counting skills, and that they must learn to love the process of practicing and learning. We believe that every student should be home schooled part of the time. The single skill and key to student success in school is a basic love of reading, and we are dedicated to giving each child that key…..THE GIFT OF LITERACY.  We count on families to value this gift as much as we do, and our most successful readers are those students who learned to value reading and writing at home. It is only with a true HOME/SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP that values reading that we can have every single student reading and learning at their very best.

We are coming to the end of our first nine weeks of school.  Progress reports will be going home the week of November 5th, look for those in your student’s backpack.  Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for November 9th.  Check with your child’s advisor for scheduling.

Cross Country News!

Congratulations go out to the Discovery Charter School Cross-Country Team! They finished up the season last Thursday, October 18 with a meet at the Meadows School. Top finishers for the 5th/6th grade girls’ team were Catie Mann 15th place out of 55 girls in a very challenging one mile course. Other finishers were Ana Lenhart 20th place and Maggie Gonzalez 26th place. For the 5th/6th grade boys, top finisher was Adam Smedley 19th place and Joey Diasparra 32nd place out of 56 runners. Other finishers were Ethan Smallman and Gino Diasparra. For the 7th/8th grade girls’ team, the top finisher was Sara Bernardo who placed 19th out of 35 runners. Nicole Lenhart and Megan Bernardo also finished strong in this very competitive 1.5 mile race. The 7th/8th grade boys’ team had three strong finishers from Paul Mann, Eugene Gonzalez, and Christian Lease. Paul placed 27th, Eugene placed 29th, and Christian placed 39th in a very fast 1.5 mile race.

I am extremely proud of all these runners. They competed against The Meadows School, Adelson School, Faith Lutheran, Las Vegas Day School, Calvary Chapel School, Alexander Dawson School, International Christian Academy, Lamb of God School, and EKA. This is first year these runners competed in Cross-Country and they competed with courage, fight, heart, and honor, but most of all, they competed and had fun!  I hope to see all these runners again when we compete in Track and Field in April.

Please congratulate these runners when you see them!

 Mr. Alan Takemoto, Discovery Charter School, Health and Fitness Advisor K-8

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Meet Mrs. Hall-Elementary Advisor at Mesa Vista

I was born in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  I attended Missouri Valley College where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  I met my husband in Marshall, MO and we were married in 2005.  We have 3 beautiful boys; Jadan, Gavin and Gable.  I received my Master’s degree in Education while stationed in England. After four years of living overseas, we were given orders to move to Las Vegas.  I love to hike and spend time with my family.  My favorite hobby is running.  I had the amazing privilege of running a marathon in Rome which was very memorable.

Thank you to all volunteers and shoppers that made Hillpointe’s Scholastic bookfair a great success!  We were able to place over $500 in books in the classrooms.

Thank you to all the families that participated in Trunk or Treat at Hillpointe and The Haunted Classroom at Mesa Vista.  The students really enjoyed the fun, safe and family friendly events.

Lost and Found– The lost and found buckets are filling up with lunch boxes and jackets!! Any items left unclaimed will be donated during the autumn break.

DCS families that attended last year, please stop by the office to fill out a new supplemental health card.

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Hillpointe Families text @hillp to 832-900-2465 to sign up

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