Here’s what some of our families have to say about their experience at Discovery Charter School:

Discovery Charter School is a small intimate school. It’s like a second family. All the Advisors (teachers) know all the kids in the school and have a personal relationship with the students. The administrative team is all about the kids…my kids love going to school and get lots of attention because class sizes are small. I always feel welcome to go and eat lunch with my kids and visit them anytime. There are weekly parent meetings so you are always informed and you are able to communicate what you want at the meetings.

H. Crowley

In this day and age when bullying is a big issue, I am confident that my children are safe at Discovery Charter School, and my children are too. The teachers, administration and parents work together continuously to remain aware of what is happening in their children’s lives. It is a place where children are shown respect by the staff and other students. That is a rare find, but it is here in Las Vegas! It really is a gift for my child to have that secure learning environment that causes creativity to flourish.

K. Berger

Since my daughter has switched from another school, I have noticed an improvement in her attitude towards wanting to learn and going to school. In one week she pushed to her potential which I was begging for at her old school. My child is at her happiest which I haven’t seen in a year. We love that this school is a project based school, so each child is able to use their imagination in their visual display. I love that each staff members knows each child and understand that no two children are alike. The small number on our campus is great because my daughter feels like a person not another number…I notice that all students love and care for all their teachers and vice versa for the teacher. I believe Discovery Charter School will make each student succeed. Thank you for all that you do.


I want to praise the school for all of the wonderful changes it has implemented and for superbly facilitating the learning process. My children and I give the sincerest THANKS for a fantastic schooling experience. We are so very blessed.

The Bouteiller Family