Parent Voice Continues…

In an effort to continue communication with our parent community, the Mesa Vista Campus will be holding open parent meetings every Monday at 8:15am. This is an informal setting where parents can ask questions, address concerns and share ideas. Monday October 10th the formation of a PTO/PTA group will be on the agenda. Please join as as you are willing and able.

A parent meeting was held on Tuesday at the Hillpointe Campus. This meeting is continuing this coming Tuesday at 3:30pm. We have a very active parent community excited about sharing their talents and treasures with our school. How exciting is that? Please join us.

As always we want to hear from you. If for some reason you can’t join us at a parent meeting and have feedback/concerns you wish to share please feel free to send an email to Mr. or Dr. Price. Clark Price can be reached at and Dr. Price at You can also chat with them in person on the yard before or after school. We appreciate all of you and value your input.