Mesa Vista Parent Voice Meeting August 28, 2014

Mesa Vista Parent Voice Meeting Minutes
August 28, 2014
New Business
1. Feedback was collected on the first week of school. All parents provided positive feedback.
2. Discussion about meeting time. We will keep meetings on Wednesdays at 8:15am.
3. Mr. Price discussed the importance of the parent voice meetings and the opportunity to discuss global topics regarding campus information, concerns, etc. Personal issues need to be handled with your student’s teacher directly and then move forward from there.
4. Seminars-Parents asked that all seminar options be placed on the website for the next round of seminars. Parents interested in teaching a seminar can send their request to Mr. Price.
5. Question about parking in the driveway in front of the school. We are asking that parents who want to park and walk up with their students, please park along the street and allow the driveway for parents to just drop off/pick up and leave. This will cut down on congestion and traffic back up.
6. Questions about sports being offered-We will have more information in the coming weeks.
7. Discussion about PE/Tech programs. Students will have a nine week session of PE and then a 9 week session of Computer Tech. In the second semester PE will alternate with Fine Arts.
8. Fridays will soon offer mini classes in technology, lego robotics, arts, etc. More information will be available soon.
9. Upcoming events discussed
a. Book fair-we need volunteers!
b. Café Zupa’s night Sept 9th
c. Picture day Sept 29th
d. Discussion regarding Trunk or Treat. Two parents have taken lead on this and more info will come soon.