Mesa Vista Parent Meeting September 27, 2012

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                  September 28, 2012

Old Business

  1. Student recognition continues in the morning, advisors will begin recognizing students weekly.
  2. Kassandra Berger will begin Halloween costume collection for the exchange on October 1st.
  3. Discovery Sport-The basketball team will have their first game this Saturday at 11am.  This season will last approximately 8 weeks.  There will be more opportunities for the next season.

New Business

  1. Advisors will conduct an informational project meeting October 5th  from 1-2pm.
  2. Jr/Sr Lego Leagues will begin next week.
  3. Mr. G, Mrs. Hall, and Ms. Selig will begin their Friday Activities day on September 28th. Students in their advisories are welcome to come in at 10am-1pm for help with projects, use of computers, reading and a variety of other activities.  If your child has siblings that would like to participate please speak with Mr. G, Selig or Hall for availability.
  4. Ms. Selig’s class is involved in a community service project.  She is asking for donations of various items to send out to the troops.  A full listing of these can be found at
  5. Guitar lessons for students in grades 5-8 will begin on Friday September 28th at 1pm.  These lessons will run 6 weeks.  There is 12 openings for students without guitars and 8 additional openings for those with a guitar.  The lessons are offered free of charge.
  6. Discussion regarding parking procedures for drop off and pick up.  We are asking that if you are going to get out of your car with your students that you park in the street.  The driveway is for quick drop off and pick up.