Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes September 3, 2015

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes
September 3, 2015
Old Business
1. Changes were made to the drop off and pick up procedure. In the morning students may enter through the side gate and after school they must remain behind the gate until parent/guardian retrieves them or they can identify where their car is.
2. Filters have been placed on the tech. This will ensure student safety when using the computers.
3. Soccer is available to students in grades K-2. We currently have coaches for the 1-2 but would need a coach for the kinder team. Cross country practice will begin on Thursday, September 10th after school. Students in grades 3-8 can participate. A majority of the meets will occur in Summerlin. We have volleyball that is for students in grades 3-8.
New Business
1. Labor Day is Monday, September 7th. There is no school.
2. We are looking to add the Engineering for Kids program to our Fridays. This is a 6 week program with 90 minute classes and would cost $110 per participant.
3. Karen Johnson from the University Community Gardens program visited and discussed her partnership with Mrs. Owens in created an edible garden in one of the big dirt planters. Mrs. Owens will begin the garden seminar in October.
4. Music will begin on September 18th.