Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes September 20, 2012

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                September 20, 2012

Old Business

  1. The recognition committee started recognizing student birthdays this week. Mr. Price and Mrs. Story will continue researching additional recognition awards.
  2. Kassandra Berger is moving forward with the costume exchange, October 1st begins costume collection.
  3. Discovery Sports- Teams must be finalized by tomorrow September 21st. This session will run approximately 8 weeks.  Discussion about fundraising for the sports program and creating a sliding scale for students who wish to participate.
  4. After last week’s discussion on grade levels to begin independent project research, Ms. Rivera has begun lessons on research.
  5. Kassandra Berger presented two websites to help with project research; and
  6. Kassandra Berger has also requested input from the leadership team regarding the Stand for the Silent campaign and what our needs our in this area.

New Business

  1. Lango Spanish will be available here at the Mesa Vista campus beginning October 1st if enough students participate.  Cost for 6 weeks is $64.
  2. Da Vinci Field trip will take place next Thursday September 27th.
  3. Discussion on fundraising and having specific goals for these funds.