Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes October 30, 2014

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes
October 30, 2014
Old Business
1. Trunk or Treat wrap up-Thank you to Megan Hubble and Tony Gudknecht for their outstanding work and time spent creating a wonderful Trunk or Treat.
New Business
1. Mr. Price asked for feedback on the 9 week parent/teacher conferences. One parent suggested that a longer meeting time be available.
2. Leadership students visited the Hillpointe campus this week. This allows for students to get out of their comfort zones, meet new students and develop cross campus relationships.
3. Multicultural Potluck will be held on November 20th. Each classroom will choose a culture to represent. Families will be invited to bring a dish to share for a school wide feast.
4. Mr. Price announced the volleyball playoffs to occur on Saturday at 7pm at the Somerset Stephanie Charter School. If our team wins, they will play again on Monday.