Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes October 25, 2012

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                       October 25, 2012

Old Business

  1. The Leadership teams will debate today.  We will update once a cabinet has been elected.
  2. Miss Rivera and parent Mindy Warren will be working together to create a winter performance and/or a spring play.
  3. Shannon Beckham will be working with Miss Rivera’s class and the Master Gardeners from UNLV’s Cooperative Extension to create a class garden.

New Business

  1. Conferences will take place on November 9th.  Please see your child’s advisor to schedule that.  Discussion regarding the importance of meeting with advisors on a consistent basis. Parents that attended today’s meeting feel that advisors are very accommodating, and speak with them often.
  2. Scholastic Book Fair will take place at the Mesa Vista campus beginning October 29th and run through November 1st.
  3. Discussion regarding Family Data Economic Survey.  Please be sure to turn those in by November 1st.
  4. Tomorrow is Nevada Day, the offices are closed and the Friday activities will not occur this week.