Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes November 6, 2014

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2014
Old Business
1. Multicultural Day-Thursday, November 20th at lunch.
Cultures represented:

Miss Ayala-Italy                                 Miss Kritzler-France
Miss Rivera-Mexico                          Mr. Grimyser/Mrs.Flores-China
Miss Benoit-Sweden                          Mrs. Matson-Japan
Mrs. Acker-Thailand
New Business

1. Mr. Price discussed the swap between campuses of leadership students.
2. Parents were reminded that Tuesday, November 11, 2014 is Veterans Day and there is no school.
3. November 10th is World Science Day and students will transfer between classrooms to work on different science experiments.
4. Discovery will participate in a Three Square Food Drive from November 10th-December 8th.
5. New seminars were announced:
Kritzler-Jewelry Art
Matson- Math
McBrayer-Lego League
Ocasio-Playground Games
Rivera-Holiday Play (Cast)