Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes May 15, 2014

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2014

Old Business

  1. There will be no Friday school with Miss Sable on Friday.
  2. Carnival was a wonderful success.  The chili cook off was very cut throat and our very own parent Rebecca Moore won 1st place!  All staff was in participation and ready to show the kids an amazing time.  Thank you to all the volunteers that help to make this possible.

New Business

  1. Today is The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever!! Requests were made for help with clean up and tear down after the show.
  2. Mr. Price informed parents that CRTs were complete and shipped off.  The results should be available mid-June and will be mailed directly to families.
  3. The students have been working on their formative writing assessments; this will help them to prepare for computerized testing next year.
  4. We are hiring a few new teachers for the new school year.  Any specific requests for teachers must be emailed to Mr. Price.
  5. Discussion about last day of school.  Kinder graduation will take place in the morning, followed by field day in the afternoon.