Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes March 17, 2016

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2016


Old Business

  1. Leadership representative Ashley reminded parents about the EGG Hunt scheduled for 2:45pm and will begin with K-2 and then move through the grade levels. Tonight is skate night and a raffle is planned to raise funds for the Disney trip. Lastly, Mrs. Owens will have a garage sale at her home the weekend of April 2nd.
  2. Science Fair Winners are Elenarose for K-2, Craig for 3-5 and Adelaide/Megan for 6-8.
  3. Spring break begins next week. Engineering and Music will still take place on Friday.

New Business

  1. Student led conferences will begin for all students (except the middle school)on April 1st. Middle school conferences will happen on April 8th.  Please take this opportunity to talk with your students and see how well they think they are doing.
  2. SBAC testing begins in April. Question was asked about the practice link and if the answers are ever given to determine where a child needs improvement. Unfortunately they are not, and Mr. Price recommends looking for other practice sites if you are interested.
  3. The music/voice class opportunity received a lot of interest. A lottery will be held and families will be notified if their child was chosen.