Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes March 12, 2015

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2015
Old Business
1. Thank you to everyone who participated in last Thursday’s Lunch with a Loved One. Winners of the door decorating contest were Mrs. Matson and Miss Ayala. Congratulation to them!
2. We hosted the first kickball games this week! The kids are having a great time participating.
3. The Mesa 3rd/4th grade basketball team will compete against the Hillpointe 3rd/4th grade basketball team this Saturday at 1pm at Somerset Stephanie.
New Business
1. Parent Conferences scheduled April 10th and 17th. For this round of conferences, most classrooms will have student led conferences. Teachers are still defining the procedure and how sign-ups will occur.
2. This round of seminars we will have a study hall session. This is for students that are behind in their work or need additional help on their projects. Seminars will be announced on Monday.
3. Question regarding dates of SBAC testing. Our goal is to begin during the week of April 13th. Testing will be done primarily by computer.