Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes January 10, 2013

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2013

Old Business

  1. Crisis Response plan is being revised with staff with practice drills in place.
  2. Discussion continued on Vegas Roots Community Garden.
  3. Leadership Updates- Eddie and McKenzie organized the hot lunch program that is being offered.
  4. 501c3 updates- Board meeting to take place February 1st at 2pm.  This meeting is open to the public.
  5. Solar panels have been delivered and are awaiting install.
  6. We are the recipients of new picnic tables and some benches thanks to an Eagle Scout project completed by Zach Seehafer.

New Business

  1. Kinder Staffing Change- Miss Rubino has accepted the position of kinder advisor at the Hillpointe campus.  Miss Kritzler has received outstanding support from parent volunteers this week.
  2. Art Gala and Silent Auction will take place February 9th at the Emergency Arts building downtown from 1-5.  Donations of art easels and volunteers are needed.
  3. Re-enrollment and new kinder enrollment begins Jan. 10th.