Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes December 11, 2014

Mesa Vista Parent Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2014
Old Business
1. Tickets are still available for the Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus Chronicles play and can be purchased in the front office.
2. Mr. Price met with staff on Friday. Specific goals for tech were broken down by grade level. From this meeting, it was determined that by the end of 2nd grade students will be able to trouble shoot and navigate their way around a computer. Understand basic internet searches and be able to type with knowledge of the home row. At the end of 5th grade, students should be able to type with accuracy, present projects digitally, navigate and research the internet with confidence, and use word/publisher programs. Awareness of internet/social media safety will also be included. At the end of 8th grade students will be able to showcase everything learned as well as the ability to create websites. Discussion regarding filters and the need for them. Determined that research will be done on different filters available and decide if we will use in the school.
3. Barnes and Noble Book Fair will occur on Saturday, December 13th at the Stephanie location. Please mention Discovery Charter School when purchasing.
New Business
1. Dec 15-18 is spirit week. Please check with individual advisors about classroom events happening on the 18th.
2. The gingerbread houses created by Discovery students will be up for display at the Winterfest in Henderson on Fri. Dec 12 and Sat Dec. 13. Please stop by and vote if you are in the area.