Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes September 19, 2012

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes  09/19/12


Old Business

  1. Yoga volunteers will be meeting today 9/19/12 after school to finalize yoga classes.
  2. Gardening with Ms.Laman’s class is moving forward.
  3.  Positive feedback regarding website updates and communication from teachers.
  4. American Association of Dermatologists has a grant opportunity in the amount of $8000 for shade structures.  Angie Story will research this opportunity further and provide an update for next meeting.
  5. Discussion about advisors involved in parent meeting.  Parents would like advisors to host a separate meeting for projects.  This meeting could focus on project learning, expectations from advisors and the results parents can expect from a project based learning environment.

New Business

  1. Discovery Sports teams- We are seeking parent volunteers to coach.  Please contact Angie Story at astory@www.dcslv.org if interested. Fall season begins September 29th and runs until December 1st.
  2. Student Recognition Committee- Discussion on creating a committee to recognize student achievements.  Christy Bakir and Tiffany Stansberry have volunteered to head this. Additional volunteers are needed. Recognition will begin on Monday September 24th.
  3. Jr Lego Team- Student s will be able to participate in a Jr. Lego Team challenge.  Alex Smith has volunteered to coach the team of students ages 6-9.  For more information regarding this program please visit www.juniorfirstlegoleague.org
  4. Discussion regarding speech therapist. The therapist has been to the Hillpointe campus and is currently working with and evaluating students.  If you feel your student needs evaluation, please speak with your child’s advisor.
  5. Christy Bakir would like parents to know she is working diligently to plan Friday field trips.  For those families interested please visit the parent organized facebook page.  Mr. Price discussed the potential of those excursions turning into exciting project ideas and that students should share their experiences in the classroom.
  6. Discussion regarding student planners and what the appropriate grade level is for students to begin using them.

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes September 12, 2012

                              Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes

                                                  September 12,2012

Old Business

  1. Jennifer Kakita will be hosting the yoga/garden volunteer meeting at 3:30pm on September 12, 2012 on the playground.  She is working with Mrs. Laman’s class to grow a “salsa garden”.
  2. Trunk or Treat is still on schedule for October 25th, 2012 at 6:30pm-8:30pm.  Updates to come.
  3. We hope to have all bids on the gate reconfiguration this week. Or goal is to have ease of access between the two buildings within the next few weeks.  Thank you for your patience.
  4. Discussion about video by Sir Kenneth Robinson that was posted last week.  The question was presented to Mr. Price regarding his vision of project based classroom learning.   Mr. Price explained that project based learning is different at each developmental level. Our goal is to create independent, self-motivated, self-driven students that have a lifelong love of learning.

New Business

  1. Christy Bakir discussed possibility of parents forming a PTO/PTA.
  2. K-2 advisors are requesting students come to school with water bottles and are asking for donations of water bottles to classrooms.
  3. Parents pleased with start/end times of day becoming consistent.
  4. Discussion regarding websites/communication from K-2 advisors.  Parents are asking for frequent website updates to stay informed.
  5. Mr. Price presented the idea of one advisor a week attend the parent meetings.  We would post in minutes which advisor will be in attendance the following week.
  6. Next Thursday September 20th is count day.
  7. We currently have openings at the Hillpointe campus for every grade level except 7/8.

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes September 5, 2012

Hillpointe Parent Meeting

September 5, 2012

Old Business

  1. Meeting will take place 9/5/12 after school on playground regarding yoga/garden volunteer coordination and planning.
  2. Jennifer Kakita will partner with Mrs. Laman’s class in planting the garden.
  3. Trunk or Treat – Zachelle Jordan has volunteered to be the lead parent. A date of Thursday October 25th from 6:30-9:00pm has been presented.
  4. Drop off/Pick up- Parents feel that the drop off and pick up in the back is going a bit more smoothly, front pick up has had some parents parked against the curb. We will make sure that staff presence is outside during both drop off and pick up.
  5. Gates-We are looking into moving the gates for ease of access from the front to the back of the building.  This requires some research into permits etc. We will be contacting contractors for bids.  We do ask that parents close the gates when they go through them.  Gates are locked at 8:30am.
  6. Parents are able to use the parking spots in the front of the building if they plan on staying at the school.
  7. Mini Fridge- K-2 advisors have agreed to a refrigerator.
  8. Sunshades- Permit issues will have to be researched as well.

New Business

  1. Mr. Price’s has had issues with his Discovery email.  The issues have beeen fixed and you may reach him at cprice@www.dcslv.org
  2. Parent meetings are an opportunity to discuss educational philosophy.  A great example of this is  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZFcDGpL4U&feature=em-share_video_user
  3. Specials/PE – Students are taking part in either PE with Mr. T or a Specials class with Mrs. Tiller. These classes ensure consistency in core schedules and extracurricular activities.
  4. Jennifer Kakita has offered to do a fundraiser through her personal business and is donating funds to the school.


Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes 08/29/12

  1. Yoga classes- Potential to start in September.  Jennifer Kakita is asking for volunteers with yoga experience to help teach.
  2. Garden-Jennifer Kakita is looking for volunteers to help maintain the garden.
  3. Language Seminars-Parents, Zachelle Jordan and Mina Poon have volunteered to teach language seminars. Spanish and Mandarin.   Friday Spanish opportunity discussed by Cindy Collins.
  4. Discussion of what takes place on Fridays. Community/field trip/library opportunities. Tutoring and parent /teacher meetings can take place on Fridays as well.
  5. Trunk or Treat.  Need to determine a date, then a discussion will take place with our neighbors at Little Scholar and we can determine if the parking lot can be used.  Update for this next meeting.
  6. Drop off/Pick up procedures discussed.  Concern as to what security measures are in place.  Mr. Price has asked that any special situations be discussed with administration and staff and handled on a case by case basis.
  7. Discussion of gate issues.  Working to create a solution for this, hope to have an update within the next week or two.
  8. Discussion of parent involvement and opportunities for parents to visit classrooms. With the gate issue and drop off procedure, some parents were concerned that we have changed our philosophy on parent involvement. Please be assured that we continue to welcome parents and hope to have the traffic and gate issues addressed quickly.
  9. Discussion of adding parent meeting minutes to website.  Minutes will be added and updates will be made available on the website.
  10. Discussion of placing a mini refrigerator in the k-2 building for milk/etc.  Offered to raise money to provide this as well as looking in to a milk program.
  11. Wholesome Tummies hot lunch program discussed as well as the use of microwaves.  Please note that microwaves are not for student use.
  12. Parent asked about the potential of added sun shades over the playground. This will have to be discussed with landlord.