Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes September 24, 2014

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
September 24, 2014
Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Kettleson spoke to parents about the current classroom activities.
Old Business
1. DCS sports is up and running and we have several wins in our first week of competition. DCS will be hosting two cross country track meets; one on October 2nd and one on October 9th. We are seeking donations of gatorade, water, and healthy snacks. Volunteers are also needed to work concessions, water stations and help with set up and tear down.
2. Trunk or Treat is October 30th. Several spots are available to set up a trunk.
3. Book Fair is October 6-14th. Set up is scheduled for October 2nd along with a register training session.
New Business
1. Pumpkin Chucking will take place Oct. 30th. All students are welcome to participate in the activity, but it is a mandatory project for students in grades 6-8.
2. Feedback received about open house, most parents would have liked a scheduled presentation from advisors rather than waiting in line to speak to them. Felt it was more of personal conferences. Would like to see child work samples on display also.
3. Parents would like all advisors to keep up on their websites. Some are updated weekly and others haven’t been updated at all. Prefer website as a general source of information. Parents are willing to volunteer their time to ensure websites are current.