Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes September 16, 2015

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2015

Old Business
1. The art teacher will be teaching a class for all students interested to participate in this Friday 9-11am.
2. Miss Rowberry will be coaching the ½ soccer team. Cost is $25 to play.
New Business
1. Mr. Price discussed how the additional 5 Fridays will play out this year. Students will have different pockets of activities to sign up for and choose from, similar to seminars.
2. Question from parent regarding cell phone and hand held device policy. Mr. Price explained that cell phone must be kept put away, out of site, unless given permission from a teacher to use. He will remind staff about this as well.
3. Question from parent about allergy information letter that came home from Mrs.Compton’s class. Mr. Price clarified that is was created to make parents aware of policies created for the classroom to ensure the safety of students with allergies.
4. Autumn Leavitt will be coaching the Lego League for students in 4-8th grade. Sign ups will happen soon.