Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes October 31, 2012

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                           October 31, 2012

Old Business

  1. Skate night times cannot be changed for the month of November, the owner will look into a time change for future months.
  2. Scholastic book fair brought in $600 in books for the classroom.  Thank you to all the volunteers and shoppers for supporting this event.
  3. Trunk or Treat turned out great!  Thank you to all the families that participated.
  4. Advisors will host an additional informational meeting regarding binder use in grades 1 and 2 on Friday November 2nd from 2-3pm.

New Business

  1. Leadership-
    1.  Would like to broadcast morning announcements via television.  This is being worked on and will be updated.
    2. Would like Kindergarten sign down and replaced with the Discovery letters, need help with this.
    3. Seeking out donations of bagels to have available for students that may not have had a breakfast.
    4. Looking into having pizza Monday with an online ordering option.
    5. Would like to have a Spanish class included in their curriculum.
    6. Student of the month awards.


  1. Progress reports will go out the week of November 5th.  Parent/Teacher conferences will take place on November 9th.  Please see your child’s advisor to schedule.
  2. Discussion about parent’s ability to meet with advisors outside of scheduled conference times and if they feel the progress report is a necessity.
  3. Discussion regarding procedures we have in place in case of a disaster or an emergency.  Determined that students can identify a 72 hour emergency kit list of supplies that will be presented at next meeting.
  4. Winter Event discussed.
  5. Discussion about advisors implementing Friday tutoring and activities.