Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes October 29, 2014

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
October 29, 2014
Old Business
1. Pumpkin Chunkin catapults should be dropped off behind the 6-8 building. Students will participate at different times throughout the day based on age and grade level.
2. We have 24 trunks ready to pass out treats for Trunk or Treat. Set up is to take place between 5-5:45pm. Those arriving after 5:45 will not be allowed to set up. Coach Johnny will welcome cars in and show them where to park. Pizza/salad pre orders must be in to Triscia Smallman by 5pm Wednesday. Individual slices will be sold during the event.
New Business
1. Mr. Price asked for feedback on the progress report meetings. Parents felt they were productive and enjoyed the personal touch.
2. Leadership students visited the Mesa Vista campus last Thursday. Today the Mesa leadership students are visiting Hillpointe.
3. Mrs. Story announced the Multicultural potluck to take place on Wednesday, November 19th. Each classroom will represent a culture and families are encouraged to bring a dish to share.
4. Question about leveling and if a notification could be provided to parents regarding what level of math/reading/language arts their students are placed in. Mr. Price continued to explain the continuous evaluation will take place throughout the year, and parents are encouraged to talk with advisors about placement and student expectations.
5. Question about basketball and soccer happening at the same time. Mr. Price explained that basketball would be the only winter sport taking place and soccer would occur in the spring.