Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes October 28, 2015

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
October 28, 2015

Old Business
1. This Friday is Nevada Day which is a holiday, the offices will be closed and there will not be any art or engineering classes.
2. We have a new student representative, Madison, that will come to the parent meetings and report to the parents any ideas or information that the student council would like to share.
3. Café Zupas night is on Tuesday, November 03, 2015. It is dine in only between 5-9pm. Discovery will get back 25% of any Discovery dinner sales.
New Business
1. Feedback on the Friday we were in school was positive. Parents requested more of an involvement in the next Friday we are in school. Would like to see a seminar for the students participating in the pumpkin chunking and the building of the pumpkin chunkers.
2. Mrs. Compton’s last day will be October 29th. She has received an opportunity to further her singing career that will not allow her to dedicate the time to the classroom.
3. We will be working on the tortoise habitat on November 7th at 8am. Lowes will be back to help us.