Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes October 2, 2013

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2013

Old Business

  1. Trunk or Treat-Over 20 spots available for trunks.  Volunteers are needed to help run the activities.
  2. Beach Pizza Lunch program will begin on October 7th .  All items are gluten free and baked in a pizza oven.
  3. Leadership cabinets had their debate today which was recorded and shown to all classrooms via a live feed.  The winning team will be announced on Monday.

New Business

  1. Book Fair begins October 7th . Kicks off with Bagels and Books at 7:30am on Monday.  Oct. 10th at 6:30pm is the family potluck in coordination with the book fair.
  2. The Cici’s at Cheyenne and Rainbow will be helping Discovery raise some money.  If you dine in or eat out at Cici’s during the months of October save your receipt and turn it in to your advisor.  A portion of the sales go to Discovery and the class with most amount of receipts collected will receive a pizza party catered by Cici’s.
  3. Tessellation Art-taught by two Discovery parents will be October 11th at 10am.  This will be an opportunity for students in all grades.