Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes October 15, 2014

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
October 15, 2014

Mrs. Suhr discussed programs happening within her classroom and the seminars she has done so far this school year. She discussed the Pumpkin Chucking event to take place on October 30th. All kids are welcome to participate and family involvement is encouraged. We ask all participating families donate 2 pie size pumpkins for the event.
Mr. Jordan discussed his History of Movies seminar and his love of coaching sports.
Old Business
1. Next Friday, October 24th, parents will have the opportunity to meet with advisors to discuss students 9wk progress. Sign up opportunities will be listed on each advisors website.
2. The Charter School League has decided to have the cross country championship this Saturday, October 18th at 9am at Sierra Vista High School.
3. Trunk or Treat- We still need several volunteers for trunk or treat. Please sign up online to host a trunk or a game. Pizza, salads and beverages will be available for purchase the night of the event. Whole pizzas are able to be purchased if requested. A new addition to this year’s event is a haunted house created by students in the 6-8 building.
4. The book fair generated $3900 in sales and place almost $1600 of books into the classroom. Thank you to all of our volunteers, Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Ririe for all of your hard work in ensuring an outstanding bookfair!
New Business
1. Mr. Price discussed that Coach Johnny would like to take his PE students to the park each Thursday and there are concerns of safety..etc. It has been determined that a permission slip be sent home with all students participating in PE and parent volunteers sign up to help with chaperoning during the day.
2. Mr. Price discussed that basketball is next through the charter school sports league and soccer will be in the spring.