Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes October 1, 2014

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2014

Mrs. Lopez and Miss Rubino spoke to parents about classroom curriculum and extra-curricular programs they are offering.

Old Business
1. Based on feedback received at previous parent meeting about open house, we spoke with staff on their perception of open house and how we can improve. Taking parent suggestions into consideration, a schedule will be created for teachers to address parents all at once and if personal conferences are needed, they can be scheduled for another date.
2. Advisor websites have been addressed at staff meetings. Parents should feel free to discuss with advisors what they would like to see on the website.
3. We will host the cross country meet on Thursday, October 2nd at the Becker Middle School parking lot. Volunteers are still needed to ensure a successful event.
4. Scholastic book fair will be set up on Thursday and to kick off the event, Books and Bagels will happen on Monday, Oct. 6th before school.
5. Trunk or Treat Flyer to go home with students. We still have several spots available to decorate a trunk or host a small game.
New Business
1. Miss Lisa will begin the Kindness Crew on October 6th. Flyers were emailed home to parents. If your student is interested please fill out the flyer and get it back to Miss Lisa.
2. Student, Mikey Cox, presented on behalf of the recycling seminar, the need for recycling containers throughout the school. Parents suggested Costco as a location to purchase.
3. Question regarding grades, and if all advisors use them. Ideally a report card should be heavy in teacher comments how well he or she knows your student,
4. Mr. Price presented the need of a sign for the Hillpointe campus. We will add this discussion to new business next week.