Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes November 6th, 2013

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2013

Old Business

  1. Multi -Cultural Feast scheduled for November 20th at the Hillpointe Campus, each class will choose a culture to represent.
  2. Common Core Meeting will be held Thursday, Nov 7th at Hillpointe campus.  Miss Frazier and Miss Selig will provide in depth information about the common core curriculum, what you can expect to see in your student’s classroom and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Red Cross Club began on Wednesday, Nov 6th.  Several students (and parents) were in attendance.  Meetings will take place every Wednesday, after school.  The first service project the kids will participate in is making holiday cards for heros.
  4. Students of Leadership have asked the DCS Foundation for a loan of $800 to purchase cheer leading uniforms for the cheer team, and discussed the idea of creating a pre-art gala display of artwork in the school before the official art gala.
  5. Progress reports go home November 7th. Teachers are available on Friday to meet with parents and discuss their student’s progress.   Discussion about how to create a sign up sheet to schedule with several teachers.

New Business

  1. Discussion regarding staff changes in the kinder class.  Miss O’Donnell is no longer with us and Miss Lisa will be leading the kinder class for the rest of the school year.  We are also looking into an additional aide in the K-3 building.
  2. Evaluation of Discovery’s crisis response plan, discussed the lock down and shelter in place procedures. Ideas shared by parent s to help with effective communication during an emergency included “Blackboard Connect”, text messages and an email blast.  Discussion about contacting the closest metro substation to determine who our Community Outreach Partner is.