Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes November 5, 2014

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2014
Old Business
1. Trunk or Treat recap-Thank you to those that organized and participated in the event. Great turn out and builds a feeling of community within the school.
2. Pumpkin Chunkin had several students from all grade levels participate. Great example of project based learning. Long distance chunkers included Sabrina Williamson, Kaitlin Olsen, and Aaron Wharton. Mrs. Suhr has asked that any machines that are still left on the grounds be removed by Friday.
3. Multicultural Day will take place on November 19, 2014. Each classroom will vote on a culture to represent and families are invited to bring a dish and take part in the ultimate cultural feast.
4. Mrs. Kettleson student store continues to poll students to determine demands for the student store. Look for the grand opening within the next week.
New Business
1. The leadership swap of students and teachers between campuses was very successful. We look forward to what the leadership crew has in store for us.
2. Veterans Day-Discovery will have Tuesday, November 11th off for Veterans Day. The offices will be closed.
3. Discussion about Mrs. Compton’s Christmas play. We are determining a location and will provide information to families about dates and times soon.