Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes January 7, 2015

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
January 7, 2015
Old Business
1. The 5/6th grade basketball team has their first game tonight at Sommerset Stephanie school. Later in the spring the students on teams at Hillpointe will play against the students at Mesa. Spring sports to look forward to will be track/field, soccer, and cheer.

New Business
1. Open enrollment for new students will occur on February 6th at 8am. Available openings will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Recently, Nevada passed a law that announced sibling preference for current students in the school. If you have a student currently attending Discovery and have an incoming sibling we will hold enrollment on a different date tbd.
2. The end of the 1st semester is on January 22, 2014. Report cards will be created and sent home the following week. The change of semester will also bring Mr. Garcia back to Hillpointe for computer tech class. Mrs. Compton will go to Mesa to lead her performing arts program.
3. Discussed volunteer opportunities for the art gala. The event will take place on February 21st at the Emergency Arts building in downtown Las Vegas.