Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes December 5th, 2012

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2012

Old Business

  1. Barnes and Noble Book Fair will take place at the Stephanie location on December 15th. Online ordering is available Dec. 16th-Dec. 20th.  Please use book fair id 10773539 when ordering online.
  2. Discussion continued regarding a book swap bin located in the lobby.  This would be operated very informally, just bring books in and grab books out.
  3. Discovery night with the UNLV Rebels will occur Jan 5th.
  4. Art Gala will take place February 9th at the Emergency Arts building.
  5. Winter Concert/Craft fair will take place Tuesday, December 18th after school. Volunteers are needed.  Please contact Katie Jensen-Locker at mystoriesforever@aol.com  if you would like to help.
  6. 501c3- Website is up and running, www.dcslvfoundation.org  .  Donation options will become available shortly.
  7. We have purchased 5 Kindle Fires for each site.

New Business

  1. Heritage Feast will take place on December 20th at the Hillpointe campus 4-8 building.  The event will begin at 1:15pm. Please bring a potluck dish to share.
  2. Discussion about weekly updates/calendar via email.
  3. Discussion regarding Friday activities