Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes December 19, 2012


Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2012

Old Business

  1. Heritage Feast to take place on Dec. 20th
  2. Positive feedback received about the Winter Concert/Craft Fair.  Thank you to everyone involved.
  3. 501c3 updates- Foundation received a $91 donation from funds raised at the winter concert/craft fair.
  4. Leadership students have had tremendous success with pizza day each week.  Sweatshirts are now available for sale.
  5. Discussion regarding computer use in grades 1-2.

New Business

  1. Crisis Response Plan-  A plan is in place in case of an emergency and we review these plans with our staff and have practice drills.  Discussion about 72 hour emergency items: A master list is being compiled from student recommendations.
  2. McNeese/Anderson advisories have been visiting the public library every 3 weeks.  This is a great opportunity for students and hope other advisors begin to implement it.