Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes December 12, 2012

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2012

Old Business

  1. Heritage Feast to take place December 20th at 1:15pm.  This is a K-8 potluck event.
  2. Weekly calendar updates have been emailed out to families.
  3. Winter Concert/Craft Fair will take place Dec. 18th at 3:30pm-5pm.
  4. Student in Mrs. McNeese and Mr. Anderson’s advisory visited the residents of Atria Seville Assisted Living Community and were able to perform holiday carols and interact with the residents.
  5. 501c3 updates-Foundation will be having a board meeting on February 1st at 2pm. This will take place at the Mesa Vista campus and the public is welcome to attend.
  6. Leadership Updates- Monday Pizza Day has been established and is being ordered through Beach Pizza.  Sweatshirts have been ordered and are anticipated to arrive before winter break. Spirit week will take place Dec 17th-20th.  Further discussion about removal of Kindergarten letters from 4-8 building.

New Business

  1. Discussion regarding use of computers in grades 1-2.