Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes April 15, 2015

Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2015
Old Business
1. Symbolic Arts has information on their website at www.symbolicartcenter.com about summer camp opportunities.
2. Talent show received positive feedback. Great job by Mrs. Kettleson and Miss Rubino.
3. 6th grade students worked with the SBAC testing system on Monday. Mr. Price will be pulling student in grades 3-8 to work on testing throughout the next 2 months.
4. Parents gave positive feedback on student led conferences.
New Business
1. Monday’s kickball game between Mr. Hoon/Harms team and Mr. Price’s team will include the opportunity for parents to participate.
2. DCS car decals are now available for purchase for $1 each
3. Mr. Price discussed the 2015-16 calendar with parents and informed them that we will continue to follow as closely to CCSD as possible.